Hong Kong Listed Company (Listed Code : 8242)
Property Management Business in the PRC


Following the acquisition of Quick Wit Ventures Limited on 20 January 2017, the Group has entered into the property management industry in the PRC and provides a broad range of property management services to property developers and property owners, including investment and planning consulting service, real estate agent, property management services and car parking management services in the PRC. The subsidiary, 四川威斯頓資產管理有限公司, in Chengdu, Sichuen Province, provides the property management services to property owners and residents such as pre-delivery services, move-in assistance services, security, cleaning, gardening, repair and maintenance. The property management team has provided the property real estate agency services in respect of commercial and residential buildings in the PRC. The property management team has also provided the property management consultancy services to other property management companies such as standardised operation, cost control and consultation.